How to find the perfect denim jacket & outfit ideas!

How to find the perfect denim jacket & outfit ideas!

A Denim jacket is one of my must haves! Not only does it add an extra layer, but it ups your cool factor. I love pairing my denim jacket with unexpected items. However, I don't like to pair it with denim bottoms or a denim shirt. Some people can rock it, I just don't feel like it's my look.

🔹You want to look for a denim jacket with the right length for you. You want the jacket to hit you at your hips.

🔹You also want it to have the right fit, I go by the shoulders for that. If you are able to move your arms straight out like you are driving a car & you don't feel restricted, the size is good.

🔹Let's chat color. There are many different options, white, light denim, medium denim, dark denim. Remember the darker the denim the more likely it is to rub off on your leather handbag or lovely car seats no matter how often it is washed. My favorite is the medium wash denim.

🔹Distressing or Not...As you guessed it, I am a sucker for anything distressed & a denim jacket is no exception! I also like to make my denim jacket my own with adding pins & patches. Nothing like adding some color to the holes!

🔹I like to wear my denim jacket with unexpected items like a striped dress or one of my favorite looks is with a thin zip up sweatshirt underneath it. I love the layered look! The options are endless when it comes to a denim jacket! 

🔹Check out some of my favorite outfit ideas below! 

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Here I styled leather leggings, our A Wild Idea top  and out denim jacket with wedge sneakers. 

Here all I did was switch out the denim jacket and you can see how it changes the whole outfit! This is an example of an outfit that is pairing a denim jacket with unexpected items. I love a fun tulle skirt with a button down! 

Here I styled a sweatshirt underneath my denim jacket & paired that with camo leggings. 

I had this fun striped dress, but it is short sleeve, perfect way to transition this to cooler weather is too add a bootie or wedge sneaker and a denim jacket. This is a perfect outfit for the office. 


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