Glam Faux Fur Stool DIY

For my first post, I thought it only appropriate that I do a DIY! I was inspired by the Nate Berkus for Target Faux Fur Stool, but at nearly $60, I couldn’t justify the price tag. Luckily for me and my wallet, I spotted a beaten up stool at GoodWill. At only $4, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. With a little spray paint and some faux fur fabric, I was ready to begin my project! Below you will find the detailed step- by-step instructions. It just goes to show you, one woman’s trash is another fashionista’s home decor treasure!



stool before



stool after


Step one: Find a stool. I recommend shopping thrift stores and yard sales for a good deal.

Step two: Take said stool and remove the cushion using your screw driver. Set the cushion aside.

Step three: Clean the legs of the stool using a damp cloth to remove any dirt and to prep for spray painting.

Step four: Cover the legs with primer and let dry according to instructions on the label. Next, using your favorite color of spray paint (make sure it is a spray paint labeled for the type of material you are painting) give the legs a good coat of paint. Let dry according to the instructions on the label and add another coat if necessary. Let the piece dry for a few hours or until it is not tacky to the touch.

Step five: It’s time to reupholster your cushion! You can choose to remove the old fabric, or simply stable right over it. For this step, I recommend cutting a circle of fabric around the cushion with a few inches hanging off that you can staple to the underside of the cushion.

Step six: Once the stool is dry, screw the cushion back onto the legs.

Step seven: Now that your stool is complete, showcase your glam DIY piece and enjoy!


Staple gun|Spray Paint Primer|Spray paint|Screw driver|Faux fur fabric (I got mine at Joanne’s)|Stool|Fabric Scissors



I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Don’t forget to leave a comment with any other DIYs you would like to see!