The Day That Changed Everything.

The Day That Changed Everything.

September 22, 2015. It was a Tuesday, it was sunny & dry. I left my job, corporate marketing at 5pm as usual. I headed home before planning on meeting my friends for a dinner at 7pm. 

It’s so crazy how I can remember this like it was yesterday, yet it was over six years ago. I was around the corner from the restaurant, a yummy pizza place. My phone texts were going off I’m sure with messages from my two friends telling me that they arrived. 

I remember what song was even playing, but there is a chunk of time that is still missing. As I continued up the road to meet my friends, running late as usual, sunroof open as usual! 

Ahead of me I saw this SUV, it was a tan color. I saw it cross the double line and go into my driving lane. I immediately used my right hand and laid on the horn. I remember driving and seeing this saying, this isn’t real life. 

At some point after the impact, I must have woken up from my concussion. I remember thinking my car is making a weird noise and get out FAST! In that moment, I had wished I had on star. So strange the things that you remember or even think of. 

I am not one to ever charge my phone in the car. That night, I had my phone charging. I pulled the cord that was plugged into my car and my phone appeared. I grabbed my bag which was on the floor of the passenger side. I climbed out under the multiple inflated airbags and exited the car. I was still in a fog, unsure of what had happened. 

Upon exiting the car, there were about 40 people standing outside looking to offer help. They couldn’t have been nicer. Giving me water and calling the police for me.  I was taken to the hospital where I had to get a Tetnus shot, this is a must have if you are in a car accident and after getting multiple tests I was released. 

I remember going to the tow yard where my car was a few days later. It brought me to tears. I couldn’t believe I survived that. That this piece of metal saved my life. Upon cleaning out my car, my father found the bracelet that was on my wrist at the time in the back seat. 

I had to have hip surgery where multiple anchors were placed into my hip. That recovery was very tough. I was angry. Angry that I now had anchors in my body from an injury that wasn’t my fault. Someone else caused me to have this and they were living their life perfectly fine. 

During my recovery from my hip surgery, I said I was going to start Sequins & Sass. I had always loved fashion. I was the one people I knew always came to when they had styling questions or unsure what to wear to an event. I always and still do think about what I am going to wear to an event before I even buy a gift. I love it all! 

This experience is really what started my spiritual journey. I was told by multiple doctors that not only surviving such a horrific crash, but really with minimal injuries was a miracle. I knew I was protected. I knew I was saved for a reason. I feel almost like this is my second chance at life. I love being able to connect to spirit, and use their guidance. I love being able to provide clarity and closure to people I have done readings for.

This experience has taught me to not sweat the small stuff. That tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. That you never know what can happen. This taught me to live my life because tomorrow can change everything!


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