Take That Chance

Take That Chance

How do you know what looks good on you if you don't take that chance? Many people when it comes to fashion & style stick to what they know. Meaning it is very hard to get them to stray or try something new. 

Let's talk stripes for example. I love stripes, but I notice when I bring them into the boutique, they are a slow seller. It doesn't matter what kind of stripes, it can be bold, thin, multicolored, tie dye. It is just a slow seller. 

One of my favorite go to looks are black leggings, a white and black striped top (long enough to cover the booty of course) and a denim jacket. Easy & Comfortable. 

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What this post is about is saying yes to things you would normally say no to. It doesn't just have to be with your outfit choices. Saying yes can apply in all aspects of your life. I always say stop reaching out first and see how mean dead plants you have been watering. 

So step out of your comfort zone, don't be so hard on yourself and if you want to add some fun color to your hair, do it, because you only have one life, and girl that life was meant to be lived! 

xo Jess 


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