How to Style a Kimono

How to Style a Kimono

Let's help you with some of those styling woahs. Have that stunning kimono in your closet, but it just collects dust season after season? Let us help you! 

Kimono's look amazing as a swim cover up, so pack it in your luggage on your next beach vacation!  

I currently don't have any kimono's in my closet and the ones for spring are on their way in so pintrest images will have to do. I have found a bunch with different outfits and I love them all. First off, remove all fears you have about wearing this item! 

When if comes to adding this fun brightly colored item to your outfit, the trick is to keep the rest of your outfit simple. What do I mean by that? Solid colors. No other patterns. A simple tank or tee shirt. One color. No pattern at all since your kimono has ALL the pattern and color and that is going to be the show stopper piece of our look. When choosing what solid color to pair with the kimono, pick one that is in the kimono already. 

The length on the kimono does't matter either. They easily pair with a solid sort dress, solid maxi dress or jeans and shorts. As you can see here, it works with all these outfits. As you can see the solids under the kimono is what works best. 


This look below works perfectly because the kimono is paired witha. solid tank under it. 

This kimono isn't too busy and it works nicely with a solid black maxi. 

This kimono works perfectly paired with this white dress because it compliments the white in the kimono pattern. 

This busy kimono print works great over the solid black dress. 

A solid kimono also works great over a solid shirt. 


All images via pintrest.


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