How to Style a Flowy Top

How to Style a Flowy Top
Today, we are talking how to style a flowy top! The featured top is the Switch It Up top
The first look the top is styled here with dark bootcut jeans. This is a flattering look because the volume of the top is balanced out with a slight bootcut jean look.
The second look, this top is styled with skinny jeans. This is the best look of all three because it allows for the volume to only be on the top accentuating the look of your legs and how slender they are.
The third look is the NO GO! The volume of the flare jeans just does not work with the volume of the top. The look is off balance. There is too much volume on the top and on the bottom. The look of the bottoms really does make all the difference.
All of these looks are styled with the same booties so that you can get an idea that just changing out the pants make a HUGE difference.

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