Adios 2020

Adios 2020

As we say goodbye to another year, I wanted to reflect on all that has happened this year. This was absolutely a year like no other. One that faced many challenges with our new normal of masks and germs and lockdowns and being secluded. 


We can reflect back on 2020 and say what an awful year nothing good came out of it, however I am so thankful for 2020. 


I was battling a 4 1/2 year lawsuit, one where I was 100% not at fault. It was settled the week the courts closed down and the state went into lockdown. I am so thankful that is behind me. I had to hide and censor who I was for those 4 long years. 


Since March, I have slowly tried to peel away the onion layers of who I am as a person now that the heaviness of this case was behind me. Stepping out of this shell allowed my business to flourish. I am still learning on how to show up online and how to be myself. It is not something that is easy, and some days I struggle with the pressure of an online presence, but I love the community I have built. The friendships that have been formed, the real sense of making a difference. 


During the last few months, I have really struggled personally with my business. Not that I wanted to close, but I just felt my business moved in a direction that wasn’t me. I lost my spark. It was something I was really struggling with because showing up everyday while hiding how I really felt inside was a battle. 


I can honestly say 2021 has some HUGE things in store. I have told maybe 4 people what’s happening, ok maybe 5. Something huge is launching around February and I cannot be more excited and happier. When they say the b*tch is back, oh she really is! So you may see some changes around Sequins & Sass, but it’s because I have found my way and being true to me. Nothing is going to stop me. 


I want to wish you the best new year and a very happy 2021! 


♡ Jessica


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